How To Avoid Getting Tricked By Fake Leather When Shopping For Women’s Boots

Women are notorious for maintaining closets filled with an abundance of pairs of shoes. Although this is certainly a stereotype, many females can identify with having tons of shoes.

Assuming that you wear each pair of shoes you own a roughly equal amount in relation to one another, the more shoes you have in your collection, the longer your shoes will last. While you could shop for five or more pairs of women’s boots to wear in a rotation for a year or two, you might be better served by forking over a few hundred dollars on women’s boots made of genuine, high-quality, hand-crafted leather. 

Leather is one of the most common materials used to manufacture women’s boots. Even though leather is so abundant, most people don’t have the slightest clue of how to tell fake, mass-produced leather imitators from their genuine, long-lasting counterparts. 

Here are a few ways to differentiate between low-quality and luxury-class leather when shopping for women’s boots. 

Should I go to the women’s boots label?

Since you’re looking for legitimate, real-deal leather, look out for any mentions of full-grain leather.

Be mindful of the wording that various manufacturers of womens boots use, however. Leather that is made with full-grain leather is not real-deal-Holyfield leather. Further, just because women’s boots claim to be manufactured from genuine leather does not mean they’re made straight from cowhide. Genuine leather is actually one of the lowest grades of leather. 

Keep in mind that some women’s boots, particularly counterfeit women’s boots, will boast tags that claim they are made out of real, genuine, full-grain leather, even though they’ve been crudely crafted from imitation. As such, you should be able to make comparisons between any number of pairs of leather women’s boots without looking at the tag.

Look to the edges of leather used to craft women’s boots

Leather, as you probably already know, is tied into the soles of womens boots. One way to determine if the pair of women’s boots that you’re looking at is made of real, high-quality leather or not is to turn directly to the edges of those boots’ leather. 

If you can’t reason for yourself, the edges of leather are found precisely at the point where they tie into the soles of women’s boots. Is this part of the boot painted or heavily stained?

If so, stay away from that pair of women’s boots. All leather needs to be tanned before using it to make clothing. This process costs a good deal of money for manufacturers and takes a long, long time. Leather that hasn’t been tanned the right way will have blemished edges. 

Buying women’s boots by the smell of leather

In order to find out what real leather smells like, consider taking a trip to a leather manufacturer. If you already know what great leather smells like, you’re in good shape. You can find it online at Brand House Direct website.

Keep the power of smell in your toolbox of strategies for determining whether leather is of high quality or not.

Scholl Shoes Feel Great

If you’ve ever heard the name Dr. Scholl’s, then you’re just like countless other people in this world. Scholl shoes are staples in closets all over the planet. People wear and adore Scholl shoes for a number of big reasons, too. These shoes are associated with maximum vitality. They’re linked to ease of wear as well. If you’ve absolutely had it with footwear that does nothing other than make you feel miserable, then you may be a good candidate for diving into the world of Scholl shoes.

What types of Scholl shoes should I choose?

There are all kinds of choices in Scholl mens shoes accessible to potential purchasers. There are Scholl mens shoes that are suitable for sporty individuals who participate in sports regularly. There are shoes from the brand that zero in on people who simply want to feel great at work and handling basic daily tasks in their lives. Dr. Scholl’s produces shoes that can accommodate children, men and women alike. Shoppers can browse options in flats, sandals, boots, classic shoes and more. 

The Sporty Type

If you’re a sporty type, you may want to learn about shoes that bear the Dr. Scholl’s brand name. Sneakers are available to people who want to be able to move around with confidence. The company is known for the manufacturing of sneakers that don’t require the tying of laces. People who crave the convenience of slip on shoes have no reason not to turn to Dr. Scholl’s. These sneakers come in all sorts of pleasant and modern colors. They’re equipped with heels of all heights, too. People who love light pink, bright yellow, black, beige, off-white, baby blue, silver, gray and beyond can all get behind the company’s diverse offerings. Dr. Scholl’s specialises in sporty shoes that are perfect for women.

Dr. Scholl’s also makes sporty footwear choices that can accommodate men well. If you’re a male who has a penchant for footwear that’s on the athletic side, Dr. Scholl’s most likely has everything you need. High-quality options include traditional sneakers, Oxford shoes and even sneakers that are made using memory foam. Color choices are pretty plentiful as well. Men who like Scholl shoes can opt for black, gray, beige and dark brown offerings if they want. 

Buying your Scholl Shoes

People who want to purchase Scholl shoes for any application or reason can take it easy, too. They can buy these shoes in person in malls, in department stores or online at They don’t have to agonise if they can’t make it to local shopping destinations, either. That’s because the Internet is home to an abundance of websites that sell authentic shoes that are made by famed Dr. Scholl’s. People can easily look for all types of choices. The Internet greatly simplifies the process of locating Scholl products.

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Rockport Shoes are Great for Many Occupations

Up until recently, most people knew that when it came to fashion, they would have to sacrifice comfort. The most fashionable shoes were often the least comfortable. Fortunately, Rockport shoes came to the rescue to remedy this situation. Because of Rockport shoes, people can now have fashionable shoes and experience comfort while wearing them. Also, Rockport shoes can be beneficial to many different occupations. There are many different occupations that can benefit from wearing Rockport shoes, but three of the most common occupations are business executives, athletes, and house cleaners.

Why business executives uses Rockport

One of the most common occupations to wear Rockport shoes is a business executive. Business executives are known for wearing business attire, which includes dress shoes. However, in many cases, dress shoes can often be uncomfortable and leave the individual with hurting feet all day long. From long meetings to presentations, wearing dress shoes all day long can be extremely uncomfortable. With Rockport mens shoes, individuals are able to wear fashionable shoes and have comfort as well as the shoes from Mode Footwear. Many business executives rely on Rockport shoes to give them the fashion that they need to be professional and stylish, but they also know that with Rockport shoes, they will have comfort throughout the day.

Good for athletes

Athletes often have the best shoes in order to have optimum performance. Not only do these shoes have to produce great results for performance, but they also have to be comfortable to wear during the activity. Rockport shoes produce shoes that will achieve both of these results. Athletes are able to get the performance that they need by having lightweight shoes that do not feel heavy, but they are also able to have shoes that are comfortable. This comfort helps to improve their performance during the activity. Whether they are track stars or if they are participating in swim events, Rockport shoes will have the shoe for them.

The right choice for house cleaners

A final occupation that benefits from wearing Rockport mens shoes is a house cleaner. House cleaners are on their feet all day, so it is important to have shoes that will be comfortable for them. Most house cleaners are not as concerned about style, but they are concerned about comfort. Rockport shoes has shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable for house cleaners. These shoes will support their legs and improve their ability of being able to stand all day.

With every occupation, it is important to have shoes that are comfortable. With Rockport shoes, individuals will have the comfort, and they will have the style that is designed for their occupation. If you are in the market for a new pair of shoes, you should consider Rockport shoes with your next purchase.

The Evolution of Merrell Shoes

The first pair of Merrell shoes was a custom-made set of cowboy boots by Randy Merrell, an industrial shoe-maker. He made the switch to handmade hiking boots to keep a small group of outdoor lovers supplied with hiking footwear. Word of his incredible skills spread quickly, helped out by Backpacker Magazine which called his boots the most functional and comfortable in North America.

How the Merrell Shoes partnership started?

By 1981, he needed help to meet the increasing demand for Merrell mens shoes. That’s when he joined forces with Olympian Clark Matis and ski company executive John Schweizer. Their collaborative effort produced an inexpensive high-performance boot. Merrell shoes were now more affordable, but the trio made sure that quality never suffered.


Merrell mens shoes brought the expert craftsmanship while his new associates added athletic instincts as well as experience in marketing and production to this successful partnership. Schweizer also contributed significantly by bringing Italian sources to the table. The high-quality design approach combined the process of Italian manufacturing with cowboy boot technology. Because it incorporated ¼-inch-thick heel counters, the footwear was constructed to last a decade. The Wilderness boot with its signature blue laces was one of the earliest Merrell shoes by this trio and remains part of the current company’s lineup.

The innovation of the brand

The first Merrell shoes produced by the three appeared on the market in 1983. Incidentally, that’s when the company introduced its first hiking boot that was designed exclusively to fit the unique bone structure, stride and profile of female hikers. In 1985, the company presented a shoe that united back-country performance with the effectiveness of running shoes. 

Known as the Eagle model, it was designed to usher in faster and lighter trail footwear. In 1993, the company introduced its first cross-trainer product. In the decades to follow, Merrell shoes continued to exhibit innovative features and started selling on-line at

Choosing between distinct characteristics

What makes Merrell shoes unique is that they are made to accommodate socks, so they’ll fit properly as soon as they come out of the box. Additionally, the company uses forms that relate to specific outdoor activities. This means that hiking shoes will function according to how hikers’ feet perform inside the shoes. Women also get a superior benefit because the shoes designed for them have a higher in-step, narrower heels and elongated toes.

In addition to boots, the company offers slides, sandals and kids footwear. While initially designed for the rugged Utah mountain terrain, people all over the world now wear Merrell shoes.

A Brand That Gives Back: Skechers Shoes

Skechers shoes is a top-selling American shoe brand that has become wildly popular since it began in 1992. They have partnered with many celebrity spokesmen and women such as Camilla Cabello, Tony Romo, David Ortiz, Ringo Starr, plus many more. Skechers shoes offer a myriad of products like shoes for men, children, and women along with clothing and accessories. The brand is always working on the newest fashion trends as is evident in the frequent release of new shoe lines featuring the latest hip colors, styles, and innovations like Twinkle Toes for girls and S-Lights for boys.

Why Skechers shoes support charitable causes?

Bob’s for Dogs
Skechers shoes owns a charitable line of shoes called Bobs. The brand donates shoes to children in need all over the globe, currently in 30 countries. Additionally, Bobs is a huge supporter of the Best Friends Animal Society. They are a no-kill non-profit organization that aims to save the lives of homeless dogs by providing food, shelter, and the opportunity to be adopted into a forever home

The Skechers Shoes Foundation

Giving back is a huge part of the company’s core values and that is why they founded the Skechers Foundation. It is a non-profit organization based out of California that works to provide basic necessities and life skills to deserving people all over. They also host the annual SKECHERS Pier to Pier Friendship Walk that benefits a charity called the Friendship Circle that works with special needs individuals. The Skechers mens Shoes Foundation also supports various other worthy charities.

Since starting out in 1992, over 25 years later Skechers has grown into one of the most popular athletic shoe brands in the United States. People of all ages love the many different types of shoes offered by the famous footwear company. Children love their light up tennis shoes and adults adore the comfort and versatility of sneakers.

Choosing your Skechers Shoes

There are plenty of styles, colors, and options to be active and look great. You can also find it in online stores like Mode Footwear. Not only is Skechers Footwear shoes a wildly successful brand, but they also choose to give back to those in need. They have two major charitable outlets, a line of shoes called Bobs and their non-profit organization aptly named the Skechers Foundation. Through these two outlets, the company provides shoes, necessities, and life skills to those in need. They also assist in paying for care for stray and homeless dogs. Through their generous giving and quality products, Skechers has made a positive name for themselves and will continue to do so in the future.