How To Avoid Getting Tricked By Fake Leather When Shopping For Women’s Boots

Women are notorious for maintaining closets filled with an abundance of pairs of shoes. Although this is certainly a stereotype, many females can identify with having tons of shoes.

Assuming that you wear each pair of shoes you own a roughly equal amount in relation to one another, the more shoes you have in your collection, the longer your shoes will last. While you could shop for five or more pairs of women’s boots to wear in a rotation for a year or two, you might be better served by forking over a few hundred dollars on women’s boots made of genuine, high-quality, hand-crafted leather. 

Leather is one of the most common materials used to manufacture women’s boots. Even though leather is so abundant, most people don’t have the slightest clue of how to tell fake, mass-produced leather imitators from their genuine, long-lasting counterparts. 

Here are a few ways to differentiate between low-quality and luxury-class leather when shopping for women’s boots. 

Should I go to the women’s boots label?

Since you’re looking for legitimate, real-deal leather, look out for any mentions of full-grain leather.

Be mindful of the wording that various manufacturers of womens boots use, however. Leather that is made with full-grain leather is not real-deal-Holyfield leather. Further, just because women’s boots claim to be manufactured from genuine leather does not mean they’re made straight from cowhide. Genuine leather is actually one of the lowest grades of leather. 

Keep in mind that some women’s boots, particularly counterfeit women’s boots, will boast tags that claim they are made out of real, genuine, full-grain leather, even though they’ve been crudely crafted from imitation. As such, you should be able to make comparisons between any number of pairs of leather women’s boots without looking at the tag.

Look to the edges of leather used to craft women’s boots

Leather, as you probably already know, is tied into the soles of womens boots. One way to determine if the pair of women’s boots that you’re looking at is made of real, high-quality leather or not is to turn directly to the edges of those boots’ leather. 

If you can’t reason for yourself, the edges of leather are found precisely at the point where they tie into the soles of women’s boots. Is this part of the boot painted or heavily stained?

If so, stay away from that pair of women’s boots. All leather needs to be tanned before using it to make clothing. This process costs a good deal of money for manufacturers and takes a long, long time. Leather that hasn’t been tanned the right way will have blemished edges. 

Buying women’s boots by the smell of leather

In order to find out what real leather smells like, consider taking a trip to a leather manufacturer. If you already know what great leather smells like, you’re in good shape. You can find it online at Brand House Direct website.

Keep the power of smell in your toolbox of strategies for determining whether leather is of high quality or not.

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